When grocery store shortages start to hit the necessities (milk, eggs, bread etc) you have to stand up and take notice. Going to another grocery store to pick up a missing item, really isn’t solving the supply chain issues. Things aren’t getting better regardless of the lies we are told. things are getting worse with no end in sight.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of seeing this:

I can’t go grocery store hopping to find a missing item. I need all of my supplies to be in one spot. Just like it was before. But alas, it’s not to be. Now or later. This is the new normal: food shortages.

Thankfully, I’m prepared for milk outages. I store cans of evaporated milk plus a five pound bag of instant milk (just add water and I’ll have a quart of ‘milk’). I’m also prepared for egg shortages (freeze dried eggs) and bread shortages (I make my own with stored up flour).

I’ve been going more vegan lately (do I have a choice? NO!) This past Sunday, I made a vegan spaghetti sauce using cut-up cauliflower as a meat substitute. It’s a very easy recipe. Just make your favorite marinara sauce and toss in bite-size pieces of cauliflower the last 20 minutes of cooking. My mother used to make this sauce for me back when I was a child, so I guess this is another example of a 70s style recipe. I serve my veggie sauce over spaghetti and a side dollop of ricotta cheese (for more protein).


PS: Since prices are rising on many of the foods I love, I have to start finding substitutes. We used to buy no-nitrate chicken breakfast sausage (Never Any) for $2.99 for 8 links. See photo above. Today, the same product costs $4.10 and only comes with 7 links in a package. Double whammy: inflation and shrinkflation. I’ve substituted Breakfast Best, pork sausages (with nitrates) for $1.49 for 10 smallish links.

Oh well. $8.20 vs $2.98 is a no brainer. (for 2 packages each.