Ciphers From Cindi

Common Sense In A World That Makes No Sense At All.


Who am I? My name is Cindi (which is a nickname my aunt gave me when I was born and it has stuck all these years). I have been financially independent as well as early retired for more than 20 years now (since 2001). I did it through a real estate investment. In 1985 I bought a spec house in the tony Hamptons on Long Island, New York. Hubby and I renovated it, raised our family there and sold it 16 years later in 2001 when the Dot Com Bubble burst, tripling our initial investment.

We then downsized from a 9 room home in a very expensive area to a 4 room, custom-built home situated on 3.5 acres in a less expensive area in upstate New York. Additionally, from the proceeds we were also able to eliminate 95% of our debt, purchase two newish vehicles for cash (one for hubby. one for me) and set up a sustainable savings account. We’ve been able to comfortably retire despite surviving The Stock Market Crash of 1985, The DotCom Disaster of 2001, The Great Recession of 2007-2008, The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, The Super HyperInflation of 2021-2024 and the current World War (Almost) Three between Russia and Ukraine (so far) because we carry no mortgage, no car loans, no revolving credit card debt, no student loans and live within our passive income parameters. Sounds easier said than done!

This blog is about surviving the economic disasters (which seem to keep popping up during our retirement) successfully. (Can anyone say Recession 2022-23?) How do we maintain solvency when all the world around us seems to be falling apart? How can anyone maintain a sustainable lifestyle when all the factors state otherwise?

We do it by living close to the earth, as minimally as possible with the least amount of demands made on society. I’ve learned a few secrets along the way and I’d like to share them with you.

Living a happy, sustainable lifestyle on a lower income and enjoying it!

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