Ciphers From Cindi

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Ciphers From Cindi

My Bout With Covid. Week Four.

I tested negative last week but that doesn’t mean I am not feeling the effects of my bout with covid-19. We’ve narrowed it down to the Omicron variant which explains why I got it so quickly. None of the vaccines or boosters protected me. Not a good place to find oneself in. I wake up […]

How I’m Fighting Inflation. And Winning.

I’m a trend setter. I like to follow trends. So, when I noticed that things were starting to become more expensive and when I felt that energy prices were on the rise, my husband and I took immediate action. We’re not newbies to economy downfalls. We’ve been through the 1970s inflation (we know what it […]

What’s Cooking? Week Ending 6/18/22

It’s been a week of leftovers, using up what we have and I’m back to those 1970s desserts. Namely jello and whipped creme. Perfect on a hot summer day! I had forgotten how tasty and inexpensive jello is. I do have a few 70s jello recipes (adding fruit to the mix) and I plan on […]

A Special Message To My Fellow Retirees

Hi guys. Lately, I’ve been visiting several blogs and/or YouTube channels where my fellow retirees are sharing their inflation coping techniques with the rest of us. One thing that stuck out to me was a few of them were lowering the quality of the foods they were eating and substituting unhealthy choices. For example, sugar-laden […]

A Steak. A Steak. My Kingdom For A Steak!

Say what you want about beef, but there in nothing better in the summer (IMHO) than a thick, juicy steak, cooked to perfection on the outdoor BBQ grill. So imagine my surprise when our local supermarket advertised this fantastic price-per-pound for a NY strip steak: $5.99. In case you weren’t aware, inflation has caused many […]

Letting Go My Toxic Rich Friends.

I got a text the other day from one of my rich friends. They were asking me to Zelle over $644 for a one week share we were all doing on a beach house in the Outterbanks NC in August. I had said yes to this crowd, that my husband and I would join them […]

This Is Why I Will Never Move.

Say what you want about New York City (it’s a hell hole!) but travel to upstate New York (above Westchester County) and you are in a whole new world with new rules, new laws, new (cheaper) costs, affordable living and a whole new beautiful slant on life. No one talks about it (which in a […]

New Inflation Numbers Released: We’re All Going Broke And Will Be Sleeping In Our Cars At This Rate!

The new (corrupt) inflation rates were released today and the message is clear:! The three most vital elements to sustain livability: shelter, gasoline (energy) and food have skyrocketed to highs never before seen in any human’s lifetime. At this rate, realistically, as more and more people tap into their savings or rack up credit […]

A Week Of Savings

I’m off to a very good week of saving money. Starting first with my propane bill. Since I only need to be ordering propane now, once per year, thanks to the installation of our new wood pellet stove, I purchased 200 gallons of propane at $3.09 per gallon. (instead of 1200 gallons per year….this is […]


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