Ciphers From Cindi

Successfully Living An Early Retirement Lifestyle On A Lower Income


Ciphers From Cindi

Update On Our Stove Install

We’re getting closer to finally connecting and starting up our new pellet stove. If you’ve been following along, we finally bit the bullet and decided to install a pellet stove in our living room as a hedge this winter against the higher costs of home heating oil. Wood pellets burn clean and are 1/4 the […]

Retiree’s Best Hedge Against Inflation: A Job.

We retiree’s have a lot going for ourselves when it comes to landing a job in these current economically challenging times. Why is that, you might ask? That’s because, as workers, we are old school. Ages 50 to 70 know what it takes to get a good day’s pay from a good day’s work. We […]

Fast Cars. Slow Cars. New Cars. Old Cars.

Every fall, Mills Mansion, located in Staatsburgh, New York sponsors a Gathering Of Old Cars (click here) in The Great Gatsby tradition. There are prizes for Best-In-Show and a bunch of food trucks to make your day out a bit more perfect. In addition to the Great Gatsby styled cars, there are fast cars such […]

Beware The Fear Mongering

There’s a true story I once read about concerning the aftermath in Germany when World War Two ended. Once the allies entered Germany and freed the Jews who were still alive in the Nazi Concentration Camps, the soldiers went around the area questioning the locals. The soldiers wanted to know if the locals knew what […]

Great Barrington, MA. Perfect For Leaf Peeping.

This is autumn up here in the mountains and to me, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. The leaves are just starting to turn so DH and I decided to take a ride up the Berkshire Mountains and stop over in the quaint little town of Great Barrington (click here for more info). […]

Keeping Food Costs Down By Combining Cooking Time.

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The Painful Economy

The current state of economic times has got to be affecting everybody. And I do mean EVERYBODY. Even if you’re rich enough not to be affected by inflation at least the product shortages are disrupting your lifestyle regardless of whomever you are. How did we get here? How are we going to get out? WE […]

This Is What Waiting For Parts Looks Like

Knowing that this winter might not only be a difficult one to get an energy supply, we also knew that the energy costs were going to be substantial. So after many years of debate, DH and I finally bit the bullet and decided to put in a pellet stove in our living room in order […]

It’s Not An Inflation Crisis. It’s A Supply Chain Crisis.

No body is doing anything about the bottleneck of all those cargo/container ships stuck out in the waters off of L.A. and Long Beach, California. Where is our government and why is no one doing anything to solve this crisis? We don’t have a shortage of anything. The ‘stuff’ we need and want is sitting […]

Happy Italian Columbus Day

The Columbus Day Celebrations are back this year. And they’re celebrating Italians in a whole big way. DH and I always go to this festival along the Hudson River bank. There’s lots of delicious food like fried dough (formally known as zeppole), cheese stuffed meatballs and every one’s favorite: pizza. There are opera singers, Italian […]


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