Ciphers From Cindi

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Ciphers From Cindi

What’s Been Cooking? Frugal Finds. Week Ending 5/15/21

It’s been a slow cooking week. Partly because we’ve been eating a ton of leftovers. After each meal we prepare, I take a few portions out, freeze them and save them for later. For example, we’ve been having a few taco nites this week from a batch of turkey chili I made last month but […]

Back To The Garden

I was a little hesitant re-starting my garden this year. I still have produce in my freezer from last summer. Why would I want to grow more fruits and vegetables this summer when I still haven’t consumed the stuff from last summer? The answer came to me when I went food shopping and saw the […]

Cooking Like It’s 1979

Our inflationary times are reminding me of what it was like back in the late 1970s. Food was precious during those years. It’s when Hamburger Helper was discovered. Back then, eating chopped meat was considered cheap. Today, at prices well above five dollars for a pound of ground beef, chopped meat is more of a […]

The $18 Ice Cream Cone.

I know from an experienced fact that if you don’t take a lot of money along with you when you go out, you won’t be spending any extra money. You will only spend what you take along with you. I was meeting my daughter and granddaughter the other day and I promised my granddaughter I […]

It’s Spring. Time To Spruce Up The Garden.

This past winter was very hard on our property. Lots of trees fell down. Lots of trees died waiting to fall down. Hubby had to do a clean sweep and cut down most of the dead trees so as not to fall on the house. It was an arduous task. One that needed help. So […]

This Is How I Stay Wealthy, Healthy And Wise

I had a very productive week, this week. I did a lot of things that were either free or saved me money. First off, hubby had to go to the DMV office in Kingston this week to renew his license. I tagged along for the ride and to spend his wait time walking the business […]

The Curious Case Of My Couch

I need a new couch. Or at least I think I need a new couch. This past year, since we were stuck inside our house, we tended to use our living room more than I wanted to. We live in a 4 room house, that consists of an expanded kitchen and dining area, one bedroom, […]


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