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Ciphers From Cindi

We Deserved A Break Today.

If inflation is going to take us back to the 1970s, we might as well enjoy ourselves. Here’s a little hint to keep restaurant meal prices down. When you first visit a McDonald’s they give you a receipt. Save that receipt! At the top of the receipt, if you fill out a little online survey, […]

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Drag Me Back In: Delta Variant.

I thought if we got the two-dose vaccination we’d be safe from the coronavirus. I don’t want to spread misinformation here or say or write the wrong thing BUT what the heck is going on? Are we headed for another lockdown? Should I start cancelling all my dreams and aspirations? Is there no end to […]

What’s Been Cooking Week Ending 7/30/21 Plus A Few Organizational Hacks.

I think spending so much time at home forces a person to get organized. For years I placed my mops and brooms alongside the basement stairs only to have them fall down numerous times because they weren’t secure. After losing an expensive mop head I decided I had to get my wicked brooms in order. […]

Saving Money On Pet Grooming Costs

At $80 (plus tips) a cut, I had to learn very quickly how to groom my own Matipoo (half Maltese and half toy poodle). Thanks to YouTube, I found a person who patiently explained how she keeps her own Maltese in tip top looking shape. For the price of just one professional groom, I was […]

The Best Financial Advice I Ever Learned

They say it’s better to be late than never. They also say you can never teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I’m here to say I’m old and I learned something new and it’s better learning it now than learning it later. What I recently learned is that it is best to financially plan […]

Living Like It’s The 1970s All Over Again

Financial wizards are being very specific when they say our current inflationary period will NOT be like the hyperinflation of the 1970s. I personally say ‘bunk’. High inflation is high inflation and the high inflation we are all feeling right now is very reminiscent to me of the 1970s. I know this because I lived […]

Life Is Hard. And It’s Only Going To Get Harder.

There are a lot of bridges in my area. I live on one side of the Hudson River in upstate New York. And there are a lot of bridges that connect the west side with the east side. Why am I telling you about all the bridges I encounter in my area? It’s because at […]

Follow Me This Summer On Instagram

I have a lot of things planned for this summer so if you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun, you can follow me on Instagram: CiphersFromCindi, click on the title and you’ll be directed to my new social media account. In the interim, if you have not (donated) bought me a […]

See You In September

Seems to be an epidemic (no pun intended) lately. Lots of bloggers are either taking the summer off or shutting down completely. I’ve been blogging almost every day since 2007. To say I am tired would be an understatement. I’m going to follow my fellow bloggers and just take this summer off for a much […]

What We Did This Week To Save Money

Prices due to inflation going up? We’re fighting it by bringing our costs down. Our investments are only earning a steady 3%. With prices exceeding 10% to 15% annually (gas is up 54%) there really isn’t much else we can do. No Wall Street investment is going to help us out now. So what did […]


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