Ciphers From Cindi

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Ciphers From Cindi

More Organization In The Kitchen Plus More Leftover Wonders.

Now that my brand new bread machine has been studied and mastered (by me) I thought it ingenious to set up a baking center once per week in my kitchen. Every Wednesday I plan on baking at least one healthier loaf of bread and to also make a few batches of cookies. Hubby favorite healthy […]

Stock Market Losses This Year Top $9 Trillion Dollars From Americans’ Wealth.

CNBC calculated how much Americans have lost in the stock market so far this year. Turns out to be more than $9trillion dollars lost (click here for more info). What are the financial pundits most concerned about with this loss? That many Americans will have lost their buying power. Buying power? Really? If you’ve lost […]

Things I Learned In The Bad Times To Get Me Through The Bad Times.

Anybody can do well in the good times. It’s the bad times that tests your mettle. Jeff Bridges learned a lot about himself during his recent bout with cancer and (according to Jeff) Covid-19. Jeff considered the covid to be worse than his bout with lymphoma (stomach cancer) Click here for that info. Jeff Bridges, […]

On This First Fall Day, A First Fall Meal.

It felt good to be back in the kitchen using my oven once again. Over the summer, all we did was BBQ out on the backyard deck because it was so darn hot. For our first fall meal, I made one of our favorites: turkey meatloaf with roasted potatoes, caramelized onions and fresh peas! We […]

There’s Still No Milk At The Inn.

When grocery store shortages start to hit the necessities (milk, eggs, bread etc) you have to stand up and take notice. Going to another grocery store to pick up a missing item, really isn’t solving the supply chain issues. Things aren’t getting better regardless of the lies we are told. things are getting worse with […]

Final Total Of My Newport RI Vacation Costs

Here’s a rundown of what a 6 night, 7 day RV vacation at Newport, RI costs us. Not surprisingly, my biggest vacay costs were gas and tolls. Granted yes, we were hauling our super-lite RV but for only a seven day vacation, the costs were a bit disconcerting. We paid $37.40 in round trip tolls […]

When Your Friends Can’t Afford To Buy Food

sometimes you have to leave your home and homestead to find out the truth about what really is going on in this country. When hubs and I were in Rhode Island a few weeks ago, we decided to look up some of our old friends. We haven’t seen them in three years since the pandemic […]

What To Do About The High Cost Of Restaurants?

When my husband and I were vacationing in Newport RI over the Labor Day holiday we first stopped at one of our favorite go-to seafood shack restaurants for an early dinner. Thankfully I looked at the menu first before ordering. Our fave treat was a basket of fried clams. The menu said ‘Market Price’ for […]

Are You Ready For The Economic Collapse.

Our current administration is living in La La Land. They think everything is fine and they tell us so each and every day. Do you believe them? How can you? You know things are bad. The stock market knows it. That why it’s down another 4%. How’s that working out for you? Gas prices may […]


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